For Business
Measure and develop capabilities in an unbiased, cohesive and holistic manner.
A platform for unbiased discovery and development of high potential talent
High Potential
Jamy Smith
2019 - 2020 Lagos, Nigeria, UReporter
Succession Planning
Identify high potential employees for strategic roles in your future-proofing succession planning. Match your staff to strategic roles.
Business problem simulation
De-risk new business ideas by having employees explore them via a simulation. Crowdsourcing ideas from within the organisation.
Future readiness assessments
Utilise our future-readiness analytics to explore and develop individual, team and organisational resilience
Training and Recruitment
Identify people that can fill organisational gaps, and the training needed to fill skills gaps of existing employees
Custom Simulations.
All Tedo skills are dynamically captured based on learner’s interaction with Cartedo’s platform. These skills include: Time Management, Business Ethics, Adaptability, Self Awareness, Learning to Learn, and Resilience. Tedo skills are measured quantitatively and on a binary basis.
Competency Framework.
Customized Skill Competency Framework We can integrate any competency or skill framework used by your organization to track skill development. This helps organizations aggregate all skills for talent in one place and offers richer insights for talent future
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Holistic Reports.
Our holistic skills reporting ensures a comprehensive understanding of both individual and organisational soft skills development.
Corporate interview.
Enabling businesses to succeed
Hear how we have assisted businesses in discovering high-potential using the power of data science and design thinking.
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Multi-language support.
Cartedo supports multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, Swahili and Arabic, and can work with you to explore translation into your local languages too
Personalised yet Scalable.
From managing your own growth to that of your entire organisation, our platform helps address strategic future-proofing through soft skills development
Our clients
What our users think.
“Cartedo is definitely a platform that will change how we approach problem-solving…. this is the future of learning and problem-solving at your fingertips.”
Marlon Parker
Founder | RLabs
"Cartedo was a welcome additiion to our skills building programme. It provided adolescents with access to a diversified and innovative learning platform, as well as an opportunity to showcase and challenge their ideas at regional level."
Tina Razafinimanana
Chief Adolescent Empowerment and Community Resilience | UNICEF Burundi
"Cartedo's soft skills assessments have significantly helped catalyze our vision to discover and develop the youth across Africa for the jobs of the future."
Johannes Wedening
Convener | UNICEF
"Our partnership with Cartedo enabled us to deliver a digital programme to Scouts amidst COVID-19 pandemic and opened new possibilities for youth engagement."
Nelson Opany
World Organization of the Scout Movement, Africa Region