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A platform for unbiased discovery and development of high potential talent
High Potential
Jamy Smith
2019 - 2020 Lagos, Nigeria, UReporter
Pandemic Challenge Simulation
Whatever the disruption, we help organisations and countries develop their creative and entrepreneurial skills, while solving their own challenges at scale
Youth and adolescent discovery and development
Our platform helps countries identify and develop talent at scale
Learning to earning transition program
We help people identify employment opportunities, and provide the soft-skills development required for these positions
Impact Support
We support organisations with targeted messaging and interventions to ensure higher throughput rates and inclusivity
Real-time analytics
Our dynamic reporting ensures short feedback loops and supports organisations in tracking participant engagement in real time, 24/7
Custom Simulations.
All Tedo skills are dynamically captured based on learner’s interaction with Cartedo’s platform. These skills include: Time Management, Business Ethics, Adaptability, Self Awareness, Learning to Learn, and Resilience. Tedo skills are measured quantitatively and on a binary basis.
Competency Framework.
Customised Skill Competency Framework. We can integrate any competency or skill framework used by your organisation to track skill development. This helps organisations aggregate all skills for talent in one place and offers richer insights for talent future
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Our holistic skills reporting ensures a comprehensive understanding of both individual and organisational soft skills development
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Case studies.

YLC Case study

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Use less plastics Case study

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COVID 19 Case study

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Multi-language support.
Our challenge platform can be customised for any language, ensuring inclusive opportunities for all.
Personalised yet Scalable.
Whether your focus is a single region or multiple countries, we support partners in future-proofing the people they serve
Our clients
What our users think.
"Cartedo without a doubt is a game changer on soft skills assessment and how we should approach discovery of high potential youth."
Minu Limbu
Innovation Manager |
UNICEF Nigeria
"Cartedo is definitely a platform that will change how we approach problem-solving...this is the future of learning and problem-solving at your fingertips."
Marlon Parker
Founder | RLabs
"Our partnership with Cartedo enabled us to deliver a digital programme to Scouts amidst COVID-19 pandemic and opened new possibilities for youth engagement."
Nelson Opany
World Organization of the Scout Movement, Africa Region
"Cartedo without a doubt is a game changer on soft skills assessment and how we should approach discovery of high potential youth."
Tina Razafinimanana
Chief Adolescent Empowerment and Community Resilience | UNICEF Burundi
"Cartedo's soft skill assessment have significantly helped catalyze our vision to discover and develop the youth across Africa for the jobs of the future."
Johannes Wedenig
Convener | UNICEF